Tenant Testimonials

Tenant Testimonials

I am very happy living at my address in Roscoe, Illinois. Actually, I love it here!

Kurt (maintenance technician) is very efficient and reliable, friendly, and personable. He always has a nice smile and any work he has done is completed in a timely and professional manner.

I'd like to comment on my neighbors. The children are always respectable and friendly. If I need any help with anything (watering my plants when I am away) I know I could ask them for help and they would do it for me. I feel I am very lucky to have such great neighbors!

I appreciate my appliances. At least once a year I pull them out to clean the backs and beneath them. I am a firm believer that cleaner is best for the effectiveness and longevity of the appliances. I treat this home as if it were my own.

I've looked from time to time to see what else is out there. I am on a fixed income, but I feel safe here with my choice. The only reason I'd have to move is the rent gets too high.

Snow is removed and the grass it cut as needed. Trash and yard is picked up by the maintenance people. I try to keep my yard and drive clean. I appreciate the yard team!

My daughter feels as I do about living here. She also loves her home!

We feel very safe living in our neighborhood.

~ Carol-Roscoe, IL

We made a great move choosing Bice!

From the application process to customer service, maintenance to management... Bice is efficient, professional and very easy to work with.

I was able to get the perfect home for my family in a great neighborhood within my budget in the time frame I needed. I was explained the entire process from the start.

Bice was very clear on what they would expect from a tenant. I was very impressed that they shared in the same requirements I have for a home where my family lays their head. I appreciate a clean, well maintained home. Bice has provided that well for my family.

I also recommend to any current or prospective renter, care for the home as if it was your own. Your relationship with Bice will be mutual if you treat their property with respect. The homes are beautiful, it's up to us as tenants to keep them that way.

I have had interaction with the maintenance department and in a courteous, professional manner, they resolved each concern for the home. The girls in the office are very prompt and efficient with any concerns or questions. When they say they will call you back, you can count on it. :)

I recommend their homes to anyone looking for an option to rent a gorgeous, cared-for home.

We love our home and our interactions with Bice!

~ Melissa-Poplar Grove, IL

“My experience in renting a home from Bice Rentals has been nothing but positive. Since the very beginning I have bought my own homes and would like to let others know about my time renting from this company.

Their houses are spacious, and the basement was a great asset for all of my extra things. I appreciated that the garage was attached, especially when the weather was bad. It was a two car garage that had quite a bit of room for storage as well, if you actually had two cars to put in the garage. There were plenty of cabinets in the kitchen for everything you could possibly think of that would be needed for everyday use. The yard and deck were nice and large. In very good condition.

The Maintenance Department, which I only had to use a very few times, would always return my calls and set up an appointment immediately to make sure that everything was taken care of right away. I never had to call back for the same issues because they did such a good job and taking care of it the first time. The office staff is amazing. I was always treated with respect anytime I called the office, and the women there were very patient and friendly. If I had to leave a message, the call was returned very quickly. I give all of the people in the office a 10 for who they are and the tough jobs they have to do on a daily basis.

I hear horror stories from people about the types of homes they have had to rent, which always made me very happy for the fact that I was able to find the home that I rented for years through Bice Rentals.

I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a nice home, in a nice community, and with great people to work with.“

~ Donna-Machesney Park

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